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Overcome Financial Crisis with Lawsuit Funding

Just because you are seriously injured due to the negligence of someone else, doesn’t mean the bills stop coming in. In fact, victims are faced with more bills such as medical expenses. If the injuries leave the victim unable to work, the financial picture may leave the plaintiff considering any settlement offer especially if the case will take a long time to settle. When a plaintiff has exhausted all other means of paying the bills, lawsuit funding may be the only way to stay financially afloat.

“As a single mother of two, when I was rear-ended in an auto accident and unable to work due to my injuries, I was stressed trying to figure out how I would pay my rent and feed my kids. With the rent already in arrears, my landlord gave me three days or he would evict me and my kids. I heard about “lawsuit loans”, but how could I get a “loan” when I had no job and would not be able to make the monthly payments? After some online research, I learned that the real term for financial help I needed was not “lawsuit loan” but rather lawsuit funding or litigation funding. I filled out an online application and in less than 2 days, $3500 was wired in my bank account. It covered the rent, my medical bills, and put food on the table. I highly recommend lawsuit funding for any injured victim struggling financially.”

Are you are in a similar situation and don’t want financial issues forcing you to settle too soon for too little? Lawsuit funding may be an option to cover your emergency expenses and allow your attorney to obtain the settlement you deserve. The money is not considered a loan because you will make no monthly payments and have no obligation to repay the cash advance if you lose your case. The cash advance is only repaid if and when you successfully settle.

If you need a way to pay living expenses while pursuing your right to justice, contact a legal funding expert, call our office or visit us online. We would be happy to review your case and see if we can help you avoid draining your financial resources to the point of accepting a low settlement.

About provides personal injury lawsuit funding to those that need it, when they need it. Our experienced team funds cases across the United States with special expertise handling cases in the Gulf Coast region- including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Best of all, will never require the payment of funds borrowed if you lose your personal injury lawsuit case. Learn how you can receive personal injury lawsuit financing; visit