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Semi-Truck, Van, Automobile Accident Kills One

March 19, 2010 @ 04:18 PM — by Mark Johnson

Automobiles or vans are usually no match for 18 wheeler "big rigs".  These mammoth vehicles rarely leave anyone alive when they come in contact with the typically smaller vehicles that they encounter on the road.  If a victim should survive, he or she is usually very badly injured.  A recent Wisconsin multiple vehicle automobile accident is a prime example. It happened on Highway 41 when a semi, a car and a box van all wound up in one massive tangled heap. It’s a bit of a mystery to the investigators; they haven’t been able to find any skid marks that would tell them who was trying to avoid the accident, and conversely who caused it.

What they do know is that an initial collision caused a chain reaction among three vehicles and drove the car and box van into the median. All three vehicles were traveling south on the highway when the accident occurred. Eye witnesses provided hints that the 18-wheeler was at fault for wandering out of his lane without warning.

When the box van hit the median, it rolled and landed in the ditch. The car ended up a tangled heap in mid-highway. When EMS crews arrived they were able to get the van driver out and to hospital. The big rig driver didn’t have any injuries at all. However, the car driver, found alive at the scene, didn’t survive long enough to get to the hospital. Her passenger was injured and taken to hospital for treatment.

If the results of the investigation prove that the 18-wheeler was at fault, this will be a long trial for the personal injury lawsuit victims – the van driver and car passenger who had non-life threatening but serious injuries. In cases like this it’s not uncommon for serious injuries to develop into life-altering disabilities. If that’s the case, the victims will have major expenses now and in the future.

If any of the victims experience difficulty making ends meet, litigation funding is a solid solution that would allow them to immediately pay their regular bills and expenses along with the extraordinary expenses resulting from the accident (medical, wage loss, physical therapy) while they wait for an equitable resolution or settlement.  Lawsuit funding can be provided in as little as 24-48 hours from the initial application.  Victims don’t have to settle early and inexpensively because they are cash strapped.  This means more money for them and larger attorney fees for the attorney.  Who is hurt by that?  The insurance companies; you know, the guys who delay and refuse, the guys who cause litigation to take too long in the first instance.  Making them pay what they should to seriously injured victims is what is all about.

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