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Deadly Crash: 2 Dead, 3 Seriously Injured in Ohio

March 22, 2010 @ 03:45 PM — by Mark Johnson

This two vehicle head-on automobile accident killed two and seriously injured three others in Ohio. 68-year old Shirlena Hornsby was driving east on the highway, swerved over the center line and drove right into the path of a westbound SUV driven by 18-year old Ronald Young. Both drivers were killed on impact.

There were three passengers in the SUV and when EMS crews arrived, two were immediately taken to the nearest local hospital while the third was airlifted to another facility. The third person’s injuries caused him to be listed as critical. It was not clear the extent of Joshua Lykins trauma, but the hospital reported he had a battle ahead of him. The other two victims sustained severe, but non-life threatening injuries.

The police are trying to determine why Sherlina Hornsby suddenly wound up in a lane of oncoming traffic. They are in the process of trying to ascertain if she had a medical condition that caused the accident, whether she was under the influence of prescription drugs, on a cell phone or just not paying attention.

The Lykins family will likely wish to file a personal injury lawsuit in this instance. He will be in care for a long time, and there is a possibility he may not walk properly again. This is a major life-altering trauma and he may require millions of dollars of care now and in the future.

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