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Drilling Rig Gives Way: Worker Badly Injured

March 25, 2010 @ 12:36 PM — by Mark Johnson

When drilling rigs give way, the results are often not that good. In this case, the worker was badly injured, but did survive.  In this case, a worker was operating a heavy piece of machinery on a job site when out of the blue; a drilling rig fell on top of his machine. The operator was trapped in his crushed cab, forced to wait for help to arrive.  Apparently, the incident happened when work crews were cleaning up for the day, collecting their gear to go home. A drilling rig operator was trying to move his rig and the soft ground under the unit gave way and toppled it over.

Responding EMS crews extricated the heavy equipment operator and booted it to the hospital. Fortunately for him his injuries were not life threatening; certainly;  it could have been worse. The construction site accident will be investigated, and there are questions that need answers.

The equipment operator in this case, may have what we call a "double case".  He may have a personal injury case against the contractor or the drilling rig operator for negligence, if they are not co-employees or his employer.  He would have to prove that his injuries were caused by someone's negligence to prevail against any third party.  He would also have a workers compensation case against his employer, regardless of whether anyone was negligent.  Either way or both, he would pursue avenues to recoup  medical expenses, lost wages, therapy bills and other relevant expenses relating to the accident.

Should he choose to pursue a negligence lawsuit, workers compensation, or both, he may want to investigate a service referred to as lawsuit funding.  Injuries and disability will typically cause a victim to fall behind on ordinary bills and expenses and cause an increase in extraordinary expenses related to the accident.  These would include medical and rehabilitation expenses.  All of this at a time when he can't work because of his injuries. Life goes on, accident victim or not.

The machine operator will still have to pay bills, carry on with life, and try to handle any residual fallout from the accident. Litigation funding offers the cash you need “now” to cover your living expenses while your case is being fought over.  Repayment is made out of case proceeds and you only have to repay our money if you win your case.  We take all of the risk!   Personal injury lawsuit funding is available in most cases where negligence is provable.  Workers Compensation Lawsuit Funding is available in several, but not all states.  Please complete on contact form or call us, toll free, to find out whether you qualify for workers compensation lawsuit funding in your state.

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