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Bucket Truck Dangers: One Killed-One Seriously Injured

March 30, 2010 @ 09:04 AM — by Mark Johnson

Electrical workers and bucket trucks are pretty much synonymous. Where one goes, so follows the other.  These trucks are often rented by the day, sometimes poorly maintained, and workers are not often given proper safety instruction.  Working a bucket truck is relatively simple, but it is a piece of major machinery, and proper training is the key to safety.  I am not certain that improper training is an issue in this case, because in this case, the truck itself collapsed, not just the bucket.

In this case, two workers were using a bucket truck to install an electrical line.  The line was not live, but, suddenly, the bucket truck collapsed. One worker was thrown out of the bucket, into another moving vehicle and killed.

The surviving worker was seriously injured and may have sustained spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury and multiple bone fractures. It’s not clear whether the accident was the result of human or mechanical error.  Both families have potential workers compensation cases; if someone other than their employer or co-workers were negligent, they may have personal injury and/or wrongful death claims.

A wrongful death lawsuit for the family of the deceased worker and a personal injury lawsuit for the injured worker, to recover compensation for his injuries, will be hard fought and lengthy.  Investigations need to be conducted, witnesses need to be found.  An examination of the bucket truck and whether the vehicle was rented or purchased, well-maintained or poorly maintained, or defective in its manufacturing, has to be conducted.  Whether employees were provided adequate training is another important issue. These cases take a long time to prepare and resolve.  Given that one worker is seriously injured and one family lost its principal means of support, financial issues will certainly begin to effect both families.

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