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Bus Flips Over-6 Injured

April 19, 2010 @ 11:18 AM — by Mark Johnson


School bus rollovers are extremely scary; the injuries can be serious, often deadly.  All parents who put their child on a school bus thinks "possible accident", somewhere in the recesses of their minds.

In this Texas case, a Dodge Caliber hit a school bus, causing it to flip over, injuring five students and the bus driver. What happened here is that the Caliber hit the bus so hard, it caused the big vehicle to skid sideways right across the road. It hit the edge of the roadway and rolled on its side landing in a drainage ditch.

The responding EMS crews took the kids and both drivers to the hospital where they were treated for their injuries. Evidently the driver of the car was not injured in this wreck and the police are trying to uncover why the accident happened. Was the car driver speeding? Did he blow a stop or yield sign? Were his brakes faulty? Was he drunk or on drugs? Talking on a cell phone or texting? Watching a movie on a laptop or what?

All of those questions will need to be answered to determine the degree of negligence involved here when it comes to apportioning liability. While it looks like the driver was totally at fault, there may be other evidence uncovered that shows the school bus driver blew a stop or yield sign and wound up in front of the oncoming car.

The parents of the injured students may look into filing personal injury lawsuits. If they choose to go that route, they will need to be prepared to wait some time for matters to come to a conclusion. Crashes like this take time because they are detailed cases. While the families are waiting for their legal issues to resolve, they may want to apply for litigation funding.

Lawsuit funding is a good option in situations like this, as it lets the families get on with their daily lives as best they can, help their children heal, pays their medical bills and other important and necessary expenses like the mortgage, food and car payments. A lawsuit cash advance may bring peace of mind in knowing that victims will not need to settle for less than they should, because they have an experienced legal finance team at their side, during the lengthy litigation process. 

Lawsuit funding is as close as one quick phone call, an online application, a few questions, and you’re done. The money usually arrives in 48 hours or less. It’s fast cash to use when you need it.

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