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Consider Legal Finance Services From

March 19, 2010 @ 05:16 PM — by Mark Johnson

You may never have heard of legal finance services.  If you have, you may not understand what it is or how to use it.  If you have been injured in an accident you may have retained an attorney and you may be pursuing a lawsuit.  What you didn't know, or didn't count on, is that your injuries would cause you to miss work and that the lawsuit is taking much more time to resolve than you expected.  As a result of this devastating combination of circumstances, you begin to have serious financial difficulties.  You are afraid that you might have to order your attorney to settle the case now, too soon and for too little.  If you find yourself in this situation (and many people do), litigation funding might be the solution to your financial problems.  Lawsuit funding is a service that provides you money, in advance, collateralized only by your personal injury case, without the need to check your credit (good or bad credit doesn't matter).  All you need is a pending personal injury lawsuit being handled by a good lawyer. will handle the entire transaction for you.

lawsuit cash advance is money that you may qualify for to help you pay for household bills, medical costs and other expenses while your case is being decided by a judge, jury or being considered for payment by an insurance company.  We offer pre settlement funding to people who need the funds to wait out the lengthy litigation process, to those would otherwise not be able to wait long enough get the compensation they deserve.


Let's face it; litigation can often take a long time to resolve.  Furthermore, insurance companies know that you are injured; they know that you are disabled; they know that you will become desperate; in fact, they count on it.  It can often take months, even years for a case to resolve for full value.  Many people simply don’t have the money it would cost to make it financially for this length of time.  Lawsuit financing may be the answer for anyone who finds themselves in this situation.


This is not a lawsuit "loan".  As previously stated, it is collateralized only by your case.  If you lose your case, loses the money that we advanced you.  That's right; if you lose your case, you don't have to pay us back.  If you win your case, you will pay a portion of your settlement proceeds to the  You will do this in accordance with a pre-determined schedule.  The quicker you resolve the case, the less expensive is the funding.  However, a good lawsuit funding company like will provide a reasonable compromise if your case does not settle for the amount you expected.  We guarantee it!


The underwriting process is simple; we will require completion of two simple forms along with minimal case information from your attorney.  The attorney returns the completed form along with the required information and we will have a legal funding decision for you within 24-48 hours.  If you qualify for lawsuit funding, you should use the money for serious delinquencies only.  Pay important bills and expenses that are putting pressure on you to resolve or settle your case too early for too little.  Relieving your financial pressure should improve the amount of your settlement or verdict.  If travel is required for your lawsuit's success, you can now afford travel expenses.  You can use it to repair your damaged vehicle to facilitate a return to work.


Pre-settlement funding isn’t for everyone; if you don't absolutely need the money for an important purpose, you should not consider it.  But, if you need funding now to prevent an early and unjust case result, is here for you.  Many people fail to receive the compensation they deserve simply because their finances won't allow them to hold out for maximum case value.  They become a victim for a second time.  You deserve appropriate compensation for your injuries, for you pain and suffering.  You did nothing wrong.  Litigation funding from may allow you to obtain the settlement or verdict that you rightly deserve. 


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