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Crime & High Speed Driving Do Not Mix

March 22, 2010 @ 03:26 PM — by Mark Johnson





 South Carolina. 

Crime and a fleeing suspect caused a three vehicle pile-up and a death on US 501 after a man stabbed a woman, jumped into a car and took off at high speed trying to ditch the cops.

Responding police officers apprehended the suspect after he got himself into a collision with two other cars, none of which were patrol cars. The cause of that wreck is under investigation, but it’s suspected the suspect lost control of the car and may have been under the influence. One of the drivers in this serious automobile accident sustained deadly injuries and was pronounced DOA at the hospital. The fleeing suspect wasn’t injured.

The family of the deceased may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the suspect who was trying to evade the police and, possibly, against the police for conducting a chase that endangered others on the highway. There is more than enough evidence to think it may be a successful suit as well. If this is what the family chooses to do, they might want to do some online research into litigation funding. It would be a godsend for them to handle their current and future bills while waiting for the case to settle. 

A lawsuit cash advance would mean that a family involved in a wrongful death or other type of personal injury lawsuit would not have to agree to an early unfair settlement because they lack cash to help them pay their bills and wait out the long litigation process. The whole point of lawsuit funding is that it offers money to plaintiffs now so they can allow their case to reach its' just conclusion by settlement or verdict. 

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