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Was The Backhoe Faulty?

March 24, 2010 @ 03:20 PM — by Mark Johnson
This case has more than just a few unanswered questions, but suffice it to say that once the investigation is completed, there may be a wrongful death lawsuit filed. Construction accidents are usually quite serious, and this one is no exception.
A backhoe operator was killed during an excavation on a nuclear reservation.  Kelly Loyd was running the backhoe and working in an area where they were excavating. No one seems to know what happened, but it seems the backhoe overturned and Loyd was pinned under it. In accidents like this, there are usually severe crush injuries.
EMS crews were able to get Loyd out and took him to the closest medical center for treatment. Unfortunately, his injuries were far too serious for him to survive and he was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after he arrived.
At the time of the accident, Loyd was working for Christenson Electric.
Investigators will want to know if the backhoe was faulty, if it touched improperly exposed wires, if someone else on the construction crew caused or contributed to the accident and whether or not the excavation was being done properly in accordance with occupational health and safety rules. It will take a while for the officials to figure out who has jurisdiction in this case.
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