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27 Seriously Injured; 120 Dead

April 01, 2010 @ 10:55 AM — by Mark Johnson



Medical devices are often wonderful inventions and in most instances, they tend to work well. In others, like this case, the results are not so good. This case involved a bone stimulator made by a company called Biomet. They were actually sued by 27 different med mal lawyers over the disastrous results of patients using the Ionic Spine Spacer along with its SpF and OsteoGen implants.

The company was sued as a co-defendant by 27 plaintiffs who claimed they were treated negligently by Dr. John King, an osteopath. The papers filed with these cases showed that the doctor misdiagnosed, seriously injured and killed at least 120 patients as a result of implanting the bone stimulators. The company insisted they did nothing wrong even though they settled out of court.

This situation raises the interesting question of liability, negligence and medical malpractice. In cases like this, not only is the surgeon sued, but the maker of the product s/he uses. One would hope the doctor would use the medical device properly as it was designed, but in this instance, he evidently didn’t do that to the detriment of hundreds of patients.

Evidently, there was enough evidence to take the doctor and the company to court to pursue justice.  But achieving justice, in America, is a lengthy process.  Every one of those 27 plaintiffs had to wait months, even years for a settlement or verdict in their favor. Any or all could have taken advantage of a service known as litigation funding to help them, financially, while they waited for their cases to resolve.   An interim lawsuit cash advance would assist in paying important bills and expenses, allowing them to rest easy, with their bills paid, giving their attorneys the time they needed to properly work up the case and handle it to a just conclusion.  The temptation to settle too soon for too little, because of financial difficulties, is removed. 

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