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Work Site Accident Kills One

July 14, 2010 @ 01:43 PM — by Mark Johnson

This is a truly tragic case where an electrician was crushed to death by a metal cover. The worker, 61-year old Steve Mangona, was onsite at the Unilever plant in Indiana when he suddenly tripped and fell. This  job site accident caused his to drop a heavy metal cover he was in the process of lifting. It crashed down on him, crushing him.

Even though responding EMS crews were able to get him to hospital quickly, he died the next day as a result of his severe internal injuries. Officials from the OSHA rapid response team converged on the plant to conduct a full investigation of the matter. The main question here is why the man tripped and fell. What was in his way? Was the area not properly maintained? Was their loose debris that had not been cleaned up? Was the area wet or slick with another substance? The answers to those questions will determine liability in this slip and fall accident.

The man’s family will want to discuss this accident with a personal injury attorney and they may also want to find out more about pre-settlement funding. In cases like this that tend to take some time to settle, having a "lawsuit loan" may make the family’s life financially feasible. Since they lost the main breadwinner, they will likely be wondering how they will be able to continue without his income.

A lawsuit cash advance will allow the family to pay their medical expenses; funeral and burial expenses and other costs related to their loved one’s sudden death. They may also use lawsuit funding to keep current with their other important financial obligations such as utilities bills, the mortgage or car payments.  Litigation funding can be a financial lifesaver for a person involved in contentious litigation. 

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