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Don’t Let Your Financial Picture Derail Your Chances from Full Compensation

While amusement parks can be fun, especially in summertime, they can also be the site of serious injuries, even death due to negligence or defective products. The size of the park does not matter; large (Disney World) or small (local carnival) the risks can exist.

While the probe continues into what caused the recent roller coaster derailment at Six Flags Magic Mountain in southern California, two Ninja roller coaster riders have filed a lawsuit alleging that “the park’s negligence caused the ride park's neglect caused the ride to be "dangerous, defective, hazardous and unsafe."

The Ninja coaster partially derailed after a tree branch fell on the track, obstructing the train. The front part of the roller coaster detached from the track and dangled at about a 45-degree angle, pointing to the ground. Firefighters helped evacuate 22 riders who were stranded about 20 feet in the air. Two riders were transported to the hospital with what park officials described as minor injuries. One of the victims that filed a claim said that a tree branch hit him in the head as he rode the coaster, leaving him bleeding.

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