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FAQs: Pre Settlement Funding, Litigation "Loans" -

Who Can Apply for Litigation Loans From

You can, that's who! If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury case, have hired an attorney, and are pursuing a lawsuit, you can apply for litigation "loans" with Please note that these are not loans but actually cash advances. Some people in the litigation financing industry incorrectly use the word "loan."

All you need to do to start the process to getting the pre settlement funding you need now is just complete our simple application. will contact your attorney, request and review the pertinent documents and make a lawsuit funding decision. will provide lawsuit funding for as little as $250 or, as much as you need now. And, we can do so in as little as 12 hours or, in most cases, within 24 to 48 hours. To get started on receiving the money you need now, complete our simple application. After you complete your application (whether by phone, fax or on-line), contact your attorney. Tell him or her that you have applied for lawsuit funding from Ask your attorney to cooperate with the process so that you can get the money you need now to avoid settling your case too early for too little. Tell your attorney that you desperately need his or her help with this. We will be happy to answer any and all questions that your attorney may have.  And remember, you only repay if or when you win or settle your case.

Why Not a Bank Loan?

Why lawsuit funding? For one, banks cannot and will not provide non-recourse litigation funding against a personal injury case. They will only consider "hard" collateral, like a car or a house. Usually, they require good credit and a job to go along with this hard collateral. A disabled, personal injury plaintiff usually is not able to work, and if they have assets, they do not want to leverage the only valuable assets they have for financing on an uncertain case outcome. If they lost their case, they could lose their home, as well! Many have no assets to use as collateral.

Banks will not accept a personal injury lawsuit as collateral for a traditional loan. Before came along, a personal-injury plaintiff had no place to go for the cash they needed. Thanks to, plaintiffs can get the pre settlement funding they need now to pay their bills and wait for their case to settle for the highest possible dollar. And, again, they owe nothing if they lose their case. does what even their lawyers can't: We guarantee a recovery in a plaintiff's case, equal to the amount we provide in litigation financing!

What if I am Offered a Structured Settlement?

In addition to our core lawsuit funding business, also features a very competitive structured settlement buy-out service. At, we believe that your settlement was structured for a reason. Therefore, we discourage use of this service unless you have a very important crisis, dire need, or a terrific investment or business use for the desired funds. If you choose to proceed, we will provide expert analysis of your situation to determine whether selling any or all of your structured settlement is a good idea for your intent. Further, we will leverage our substantial influence in the structured settlement purchase marketplace and get you the absolute best offer available in this investment community. To learn more, call or email us using the form on the right side of this page.

Pre Settlement Funding - Contact - Litigation "Loans"

If you need pre settlement funding while you wait for your personal injury lawsuit to resolve, contact to complete an application. We review cases within 24 to 48 hours to determine if we can offer you litigation financing. Our team would be happy to answer your questions via phone or email.