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Lawsuit Settlement Funding: Litigation Financing Process

The lawsuit settlement funding process is simple and quick for all injured clients seeking a cash advance, or "loan" for litigation. Please note that while some people in our industry call it a lawsuit "loan," that term is technically inaccurate. We focus our practice almost exclusively on clients from the southern Gulf States - Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, though we do fund cases from all over the United States. If you would like to apply for litigation financing, you may call us toll free (877-377-7848) to apply, or fill out our easy online application.  You are just about finished with the process, other than to wait for a contract, execute it, and receive a check or wire.  More about that below.  Upon receipt of your telephone or Internet application, our legal funding team will forward a request for information (by fax or email) to your attorney.  The attorney must respond with two very important pieces of information:

  1. A Completed Attorney Questionnaire Form
  2. A small package of case records (10-15 pages maximum) requested in our fax or email. If materials are obviously lacking in content or quality, a telephone call to the attorney is place and / or follow-up fax is sent.

Obtaining Litigation Financing through

Assuming receipt of all necessary records and the Attorney Questionnaire, your file is reviewed by our underwriters and determination of whether a litigation financing advance is appropriate and determination of amount of the advance is made.  If you are approved for the advance, you will be contacted by phone or email with an offer.  In order to receive lawsuit settlement funding, you must accept the offer.  We have strict rules about how much funding any one case can receive; we try to assist you through difficult financial times, while, at the same time, assuring that you will receive as much money from your case as possible.  After all, you were the one who suffered an injury or disability.

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Offer

Assuming all criteria for litigation financing has been met and our offer to fund has been made and accepted, you will receive our funding agreement by overnight mail or email.  We will go over our repayment requirements with you and/or your attorney and answer any and all questions you may have before you sign the agreement.  Terms are explained and re-explained to you, and, if requested, explained to the attorney so that there is no misunderstanding.

Need a Second Funding Request? Contact

You may submit another funding request, or "loan" for ongoing litigation as often as needed, as long as your case is still viable and can afford the additional request.  Your attorney will need to complete and provide a Case Funding Update form, a half page fill-in-the-blank form by fax or email.  You will be required to execute additional agreements for each additional approved funding. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding the litigation financing process.