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Plaintiffs Who Have Obtained a Lawsuit Settlement or Cash Advance from

Here are some real life, tragic, events that led to very successful uses of our lawsuit and settlement cash advance services (some in our industry call them lawsuit "loans"):

A suburban Toledo, Ohio mother suffered a serious injury in an automobile accident with a drunk driver, an off-duty government official, driving a government owned vehicle.  A passenger, her oldest child, was tragically killed in the accident. As a result of the accident, the woman was disabled from her employment as a health care worker.  She could not pay her bills; the bank was threatening to foreclose on her house and she was several payments behind on her car.  The defendant’s insurance company offered her a $500,000 settlement for her injuries and her child’s wrongful death.  Her attorney correctly advised her that the offer was far too low and recommended reviewed the lawsuit offered the plaintiff a $75,000 cash advance over the life of her case.  This permitted her to stay in her house, pay all of her bills over time, care for her remaining children, and receive the medical attention that she desperately needed.  Several months later, the case resolved for well over twice the original lawsuit settlement she was offered some months ago.  Our funding and profit was repaid and her net recovery, after funding profits was increased by over 200 percent. made a nice profit, true, but the plaintiff and the attorney both received twice the amount they would have had they taken the settlement offer that plaintiff wanted to take before she was introduced to our service.

A Tampa, Florida “quick oil change” employee injured his lower back in an automobile accident and was unable to work due to his injuries.  He hired an excellent attorney who we have worked with on many occasions and filed a lawsuit.  In Florida, the wheels of justice grind slowly and the case was bogged down in a legal quagmire.  The plaintiff fell behind on his monthly bills.  The mortgage, car payments, utilities (lights, water, gas, phone) were all behind and the utility companies were threatening to terminate service.  He and his family were in danger of losing their home and car.  The attorney recommended and we gave the plaintiff a $25,000 lawsuit cash advance over a four month period (we recommend lawsuit funding in installments over one large lump sum; it will save most plaintiffs a substantial amount of money).  Six months later, the case settled for a substantial increase.  This already unfortunate gentleman did not have to suffer the additional misfortune of settling his case for pennies on the dollar because of a desperate need for immediate cash to save his valuable assets and feed his family. 

The city of Detroit, Michigan is notoriously slow for paying settlements, after they have been agreed to.  After a particular hard-fought lawsuit involving a mistaken identity shooting by the police, a Detroit man settled his lawsuit with the city for a large amount.  Even thought the case was settled, the man, who had fought this case for over four years, was still at least six months from receiving his settlement money. had provided $15,000 in pre settlement lawsuit funding, and the company was awaiting the settlement for a return of its money and the case profit earned.  The man needed additional help.  Because the case was settled, could provide needed financial assistance at much lower rates than it could prior to the settlement. Our legal funding company provided additional lawsuit "loans" needed for living expenses while he waited for city government red tape to be cut.  Six months later, the plaintiff received a multi-million dollar lawsuit settlement and repaid both the pre-settlement and post-settlement advances.  He was able to pay his bills, save his valuables, support his family, and wait for the money he deserved from the city.  He also became a investor!

An Atlanta, Georgia couple suffered the tragedy of losing two of their children when they wandered off and drowned in a drainage pond at an unsecured dump site.  The owners of the dump site had failed to secure the lock on the gate, but blamed the parents for allowing their children to wander off.  The lawsuit was hotly contested.  The couple was so distraught over the loss of their only children that they suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and were hospitalized in a “rest home”.  Both lost good jobs; their bills were unpaid and they owed thousands in medical expenses.  While treatment allowed them to eventually recover mentally, the trauma caused significant collateral damage to their finances; they were ready to settle the case for whatever the first offer was and be done with it.  The attorney was beside himself; he knew he had an excellent case against the owners of the dump site but he was afraid that if the defendants made an offer, his clients would jump at it.  He persuaded the clients to talk to the professionals at  We put the plaintiffs on a lawsuit finance diet; we provided a substantial cash advance with an installment plan that paid a monthly amount until the case was resolved a year and a half later.  The result?  A $7.5 million recovery.  Money cannot bring back these precious children, but would bet that the owners of the dump site will never leave the gate unlocked again.

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