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One of the leading litigation financing firms in the nation, provides lawsuit funding and "loan" options to victims of personal injury.
Our Legal Funding Team
Offering litigation and lawsuit settlement loan options, is a legal funding corporation with an exceptional reputation for helping victims of personal injury. CEO Mark Bello uses his 30 years of experience in the field to work with clients who need financing.
Who Needs Lawsuit Funding?
Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit who need pre settlement funding should apply for a "loan" from We provide financial relief to personal injury victims to prevent them from settling their case prematurely.
Auto Accident Lawsuit Finance
If you've been injured in an auto accident, consider the lawsuit finance options from to pay your medical bills and living expenses while you recover and wait for a just resolution of your case.
Premises Liability Litigation Finance
Plaintiffs in a premises liability case can depend on the litigation finance options from to help cover living expenses and medical bills while the case resolves.
Medical Malpractice Litigation Funding
Plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases may need litigation funding while their case resolves. provides cash advances to prevent injured victims from settling their case prematurely.
Pre settlement funding via litigation "loans" is an excellent way to cover living expenses and medical bills while a case is resolving. Since litigation can take months (or even years), cash advances, or "loans" from a company like lighten the financial burden on the plaintiff.
Numerous clients have benefited from the lawsuit cash advance options and settlement "loans" offered by We have special experience with cases from the Gulf Coast region.
Transaction Process
Plaintiffs in need of a loan for personal expenses while their personal injury litigation plays out in court should contact, a leading litigation financing company.
Legal Finance in the Gulf States is a legal finance practice providing lawsuit settlement financing to finance litigation costs. Personal injury victims with staggering medical bills and living expenses are invited to contact our lawsuit funding company.