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Avoid an Early Settlement with Lawsuit Funding

No matter how careful you are, sometimes an auto accident is simply unavoidable. Sometimes, it may be due to another driver’s negligence while other times one driver may face an unforeseen event which results in swerving at the last minute to avoid an object or pothole, only for the vehicle behind to collide with that object or hit the pothole and lose control. At freeway speeds or adverse weather conditions, these effects can be even more pronounced. Some will be lucky enough to escape with little or no injuries and minor auto repairs, but other times the results result in serious injuries or death. Whether the accident was due to driver negligence or poor road conditions, the innocent victim may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover damages resulting from the accident.

A lawsuit can take a long time winding through the courts, time many plaintiffs might not be able to afford. Injuries can result in time out of work and medical bills can put an extra strain on already reduced finances. Although it may be a long road to achieving a fair settlement, it doesn’t have to be a financially bumpy one with the help of lawsuit funding.

Settling for the first offer by the insurance company may be tempting, especially if you are running out of cash and the bills are piling high. With lawsuit funding, there is no reason to settle for less than full case value. Lawsuit funding works by providing plaintiffs with fast cash when they need it most. The money can be used to pay medical bills, day-to-day living expenses, or any other financial obligations. Unlike a bank loan, there is no employment or income verification and credit score doesn’t matter; funding is based solely on the strength of the case. Our streamlined application process begins with an online application or by calling our office. Next, we will contact your attorney and review case documents to determine eligibility for funding. If approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours. Repayment only occurs once you successfully settle your case; if you lose nothing is paid back, not even the cash advance.

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation and our professional staff will guide you ever step of the way to ensure the lawsuit funding process is not only timely, but hassle-free. With our assistance, you can wait to negotiate for fair and just compensation from a position of strength.

About provides personal injury lawsuit funding to those that need it, when they need it. Our experienced team funds cases across the United States with special expertise handling cases in the Gulf Coast region- including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Best of all, will never require the payment of funds borrowed if you lose your personal injury lawsuit case. Learn how you can receive personal injury lawsuit financing; visit