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The Basics of Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Have you been injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence? Are you tired of waiting for your lawsuit to settle? Do you need cash now? Apply for auto accident lawsuit funding!

Filing a lawsuit and waiting out the litigation process can take months, even years. Years ago, most innocent victims of an auto accident who were seriously injured and out of work struggled to avoid foreclosure on their home and to pay day-to-day living expenses. With limited options to pay even their basic needs, plaintiffs would seek help from family or friends, max-out credit cards, or settle too soon for too little. Often times, family and friends were unable to provide the necessary cash and credit card companies still required monthly payments. This meant that the only viable option for plaintiffs was to “just settle” their case for pennies on the dollar. Today, there is another option called auto accident lawsuit funding.

A legal funding company can provide a lawsuit cash advance against a pending claim so plaintiffs can stay financially afloat while their attorney seeks fair compensation for damages incurred. This cash advance is not a “lawsuit loan” as it is often called; the plaintiff only repays the cash advance, with interest, if and when the plaintiff successfully settles his/her case. If the plaintiff loses the case, the auto accident lawsuit funding is waived in its entirety. Additionally, there are no monthly payments or upfront fees, not credit checks, or employment verification.

Because lawsuit funding can be expensive, recommends that plaintiffs research legal funding companies and ask questions before applying. While auto accident lawsuit funding will not win a case, it can be a financial godsend for plaintiffs when needed the most.

About provides personal injury lawsuit funding to those that need it, when they need it. Our experienced team funds cases across the United States with special expertise handling cases in the Gulf Coast region- including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Best of all, will never require the payment of funds borrowed if you lose your personal injury lawsuit case. Learn how you can receive personal injury lawsuit financing; visit