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Lawsuit Funding: An Fast Solution to the Financial Needs of Injured Plaintiffs

If you were suddenly injured in an auto accident and unable to work, would you have a means to pay the bills – mortgage, rent, car payments, tuition, medical expenses, utility bills, groceries? How long would that money last? What if you filed a personal injury lawsuit, but the insurance company offered an inadequate settlement offer or was denying the claim causing your case to drag on indefinitely? In the meantime, bills continue to pour in while creditors continue to call, demanding payment. Do you know how you would stay financially afloat? Most people have never given this scenario a thought until they are confronted with a similar situation.

Until you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, you may not realize that insurance companies use every tactic in the book to persuade you to settle for less than you deserve. They will de-value your claim, or use stalling tactics in an effort to wear you down to the point that you accept their offer. Few people know there is a viable way out of this situation.

Legal funding companies can provide a non-recourse cash advance, known as lawsuit funding, to plaintiffs who are struggling financially during the litigation process. It is a financial buffer to avoid settling too early for considerably less than case value, and enjoy peace of mind until the case settles.

Qualifying is easy. The only information required for approval is information relevant to your accident and the scope of your injuries. There are no credit checks or employment verification. Funding is based on the strength of the case and the client is never at any risk financially because repayment is only made after the funded client successfully settles. If for any reason the client loses, the cash advance is completely waived.

In most cases, funds can be provided within 24 hours of approval.

Are you in the middle of a stressful injury case and need cash fast? Is the financial strain of your case too much to handle? You don’t have to suffer financially or wait months, even years, for your settlement or jury award. You can have part of it now, and absolutely risk-free with lawsuit funding. If you are interested in learning more about lawsuit funding and how you may benefit, click here.


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