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Litigation Funding Can Help Purse Justice in Dangerous Roadway Lawsuits

Victims of an auto accident caused by poor road design have the right to seek compensation from the government entity. It is imperative to contact an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible; there are statutes of limitations for filing a claim.

Government agencies will often argue that these accidents are the result of driver carelessness or error when a dangerous roadway may have been partially or completely the cause. This can drag out the claim for years.

Filing a dangerous road lawsuit is not an easy process as you try to prove that the accident was a reasonably foreseeable outcome due to the road design or maintenance, and that the dangerous conditions directly resulted in the accident. When this happens, most plaintiffs will look to settle their case too soon and for too little because they are financially strapped. This does not need to happen!

It is difficult to make your case stronger if your focus is on how to pay the bills – these issues can largely be eliminated with litigation funding. For plaintiffs in need of financial assistance in order to pursue a lawsuit, litigation funding, a non-recourse cash advance, may help. With this funding source, plaintiffs get fast cash to cover critical financial obligations. At the same time their attorney can focus on seeking appropriate justice.

Litigation funding requires no application fee, no monthly payment, and credit rating and employment are not factors. All that is needed to apply is a lawsuit with merit and legal representation. Successful cases not only benefit the plaintiff, they can directly force changes in dangerous road conditions.

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