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Litigation Funding Could Be Your Answer

Personal injury lawsuits sometimes involve a long legal process; you must be willing to wait it out to achieve full compensation. At the same time, you must continue to pay your bills and protect your credit standing. When cash is low, but the bills are high, consult with a legal funding specialist.

Defense attorneys are paid big bucks to save their insurance companies money. One of the most common legal strategies used is to delay the case long enough to put pressure on plaintiffs who can’t sustain themselves financially. When you’re drowning in debt and dealing with injuries resulting in job loss, medical issues, and emotional stress, any settlement offer can be tempting, but an early offer is usually not in your best interest. Where will you draw the much-needed funds to provide for your needs in the mean time?

With a lawsuit cash advance instead of worrying about how you will pay yet another bill or avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, you can concentrate on healing and pursuing your lawsuit to full case value. We assists those who need the financial funding right away with no credit check, proof of employment or other personal information required because our lawsuit cash advances are based on the merits of your case, nothing more.

Simply complete an online funding application or call our office to get started. Once approved, funds are generally available within 24 – 48 hours. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to add further to your financial burden and you only repay the advance if and when you win your case. Should you fail to win, you owe absolutely nothing.

Are you in the middle of a stressful personal injury lawsuit and need cash fast? Is the financial strain of your case too much to handle? To determine if litigation funding is a viable solution to your money worries, contact us today.