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The Necessity of Pre-Settlement Funding in an Auto Accident Lawsuit

An auto accident can leave you with serious injuries and prevent you from returning to work. It can also leave you struggling financially especially if the case does not settle quickly. When a plaintiff can no longer afford to wait due to financial complications, pre-settlement funding may help.

“Injury victims should never be forced to accept minimal settlements because of pressing personal financial needs. When my clients are faced with foreclosure or risking their credit, I usually recommend they consult a legal funding expert. Pre-settlement funding often times kept a plaintiff financially afloat while waiting for fair case value.” ~ T.M., Attorney at Law

Pre-Settlement funding is a relatively new concept that can help financially-strapped plaintiffs fight for justice. Settling a personal injury lawsuit early may seem like the right thing to do when the bills are piling up, but it is usually a lost opportunity to achieve a much larger settlement, one that is closer to case value. With pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs can pay medical expenses, car payments, mortgage payments, and other necessities.

In order to be considered for pre-settlement funding, a plaintiff must complete a free, online application. The funding company will contact the plaintiff’s attorney for case documentation to determine if the case has merit; employment status and credit history are irrelevant. Upon approval, funds can be deposited directly into the plaintiff’s bank account or sent via overnight mail within 24- 48 hours. Once received, funds can be used immediately. The plaintiff owes the funding company absolutely nothing until the case successfully settles, and if the plaintiff loses the repayment is completely waived. It really is this simple!

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit and it appears litigation will continue for an extended period of time, don’t become desperate and accept a settlement that is less than case value. Pre-settlement funding has helped thousands of plaintiffs overcome financial pressures and it may be able to help you, too. Click here to apply now!

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