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Pre-Settlement Funding: One Lump Sum or Installments?

For plaintiffs who have suffered serious injuries and loss of income, pre-settlement funding can enable them pay necessary bills – mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, car payments, food – while waiting for their lawsuits to be resolved.

How much money should a plaintiff request and how should the payments be received?

The plaintiff is not required to accept the entire cash advance from the funding company, nor is the plaintiff required to accept the money in one lump sum. Plaintiffs can use the money for anything they wish, but usually the money is used to pay bills and other household expenses. In fact, there is an advantage to requesting cash advances over the course of the litigation process.

By requesting cash advances on an as needed basis, it enforces financial discipline because the plaintiff is more likely to spend the money only on the necessities. Plaintiffs that receive a lump sum may be more inclined to spend some of the money on “luxuries” only to find in following months that they need more money for the “necessities” especially if the case takes longer than expected to settle.

Pre-settlement funding in smaller increments is also less costly for the plaintiff because the repayment is based on cash advance amount at the time the funding was provided. The longer a cash advance is outstanding, the more expensive the repayment (unless, of course, the plaintiff loses the case and the advance is “free”. By spreading pre-settlement funding over the course of the case, a needy plaintiff can save quite a bit of money.

The other benefit of taking advances over time occurs when a plaintiff settles his/her case earlier than expected. If the plaintiff accepted a larger advance and settles the case, he/she will pay profit on that larger amount, even if early case resolution meant that the larger amount wasn't necessary. If the plaintiff accepts smaller amounts, over time, and settles the case early, he/she will have received much less and will not be forced to pay profits on amounts that were never required in the first instance.

Another pleasant feature of lawsuit funding, whether received as a lump sum or in increments, is there are no credit checks, no employment history, no monthly payments, and best of all – it is risk-free. The advance is only repaid if, and when, the plaintiff wins. So, Instead of being forced to settle your lawsuit early for a fraction of the compensation you deserve, keep your case alive by removing the financial pressures with pre-settlement funding. Click here to apply.

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