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Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding: A Practical Guide

Anyone involved in a personal injury case can tell you that lawsuits are a waiting game. It could take months or even years for a settlement to be reached and finalized. Meanwhile, medical bills, legal fees, and other daily expenses continue to pile up, leaving you feeling helpless in the face of mounting financial burdens. If you are tired of waiting for your settlement and need cash now, pre settlement lawsuit funding can provide you with the money you need to make ends meet until a settlement is reached.

What is pre settlement lawsuit funding?

Pre settlement lawsuit funding provides plaintiffs involved in legal battles with the cash they need to cover living expense while they wait for a settlement to be reached in their case.

It is important to note that when it comes to pre settlement lawsuit funding, pre settlement lawsuit “loans” and lawsuit cash advances are the same thing and are handled in the same manner. Regardless of the phrase used to describe pre settlement lawsuit funding, this type of funding is cash advances issued to plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Lawsuit cash advances are not based on one’s credit history and are not paid back in small amounts over a long period of time. Rather, lawsuit cash advances are repaid by way of a single payment from the proceeds of your settlement. If you need cash to tide you over until you receive money from your settlement and are concerned that your credit history would make you ineligible for a pre settlement loan, you might consider this form of pre settlement lawsuit funding.

Why do you need pre settlement lawsuit funding?

Pre settlement lawsuit funding, whether its through a loan or a cash advance, can help those who might otherwise have trouble paying bills and other living expenses while waiting for their lawsuit to resolve or a settlement to be determined. If you find yourself overwhelmed by mounting medical bills and other expenses while in the midst of a lawsuit, consider some form of pre settlement lawsuit funding.


You may be eligible for pre settlement lawsuit funding if you meet the following criteria:

- You are currently a plaintiff in a personal injury case.
- You have hired an attorney.
- You are currently pursuing a lawsuit.

Consider pre settlement lawsuit funding if you are involved in any of the following personal injury cases:

Car, bus, truck or motorcycle accident
Train or maritime accident
Construction accident
Dog bite accident
Medical malpractice
Hospital or nursing home neglect
Slip and fall accident
Drunk driving
Asbestos exposure
Other work related injury

Talk with a legal funding professional to determine which form of pre settlement lawsuit funding is best for your situation.


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