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Gone are the Pressures to Settle with Pre-Settlement Funding

Do you feel pressured to settle your personal injury claim prematurely? Anyone in a pending lawsuit, represented by an attorney, and in need of fast cash before their case settles, is eligible to apply for pre-settlement funding.

After an auto accident caused serious spine and back injuries, Justin was unable to return to work. He required several surgeries and doctors said it could be up to two years before he could return to his construction job. Although his wife worked part-time on weekends, the income wasn’t nearly enough to feed a family of four and pay the bills, especially the added medical expenses. Joe had filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver, but the insurance company was dragging its feet leaving Joe no alternative but to apply for pre-settlement funding.

Many plaintiffs are forced to accept a low settlement offer because they need immediate cash. With pre-settlement funding, a plaintiff doesn’t have to wait months or years for a case to settle, risking debt or a bad credit rating. Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance based on the merits of a case. If approved, the money can be spent anyway the plaintiff chooses, with no restrictions. Additionally, there are not credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Even better, the funding is on a non-recourse bases meaning there is no risk. If the plaintiff loses the case, repayment is completely waived. The only way the plaintiff pays anything is if he/she wins their case.

Contact us today if you need financial support while waiting for a lawsuit to settle. With pre-settlement funding, you can ease the financial burden while giving your attorney time needed to achieve optimum compensation in your case.

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