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Lawsuit Funding – Working to Level the Playing Field

What can a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit do when they have exhausted all financial resources, but faced with mounting medical bills, mortgage, and monthly expenses? When this happens, lawsuit funding can make a difference!

Lawsuit funding is an immediate cash advance for plaintiffs in a pending claim who cannot afford to survive without some financial assistance. After being a victim of an automobile accident, a plaintiff may be left with serious or debilitating injuries an unable to return to work. This will often lead to a financial strain on the victim and mounting unpaid bills such as medical expenses, mortgage payments, and utility bills. Some plaintiffs have difficulty even putting food on the table. Often times, insurance companies use deny, delay, and defend tactics to wear down an injured plaintiff in order to settle a case for far less than case value. This is where obtaining lawsuit funding can be helpful. With this emergency cash advance, a plaintiff can not only pay the bills, but is able to withstand lengthy litigation process needed to receive a larger and fairer settlement.

If you are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit and are in need of financial help, don’t accept the first offer from the insurance company to avoid financial hardship; consider lawsuit funding. There are no credit checks or employment verification, and funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, meaning that you only repay the cash advance if you successfully win your case.

Do not settle your case quickly just because you need fast cash! Call 1-866-LIT-FUND and let us take the financial worries out of your pending case.

About provides personal injury lawsuit funding to those that need it, when they need it. Our experienced team funds cases across the United States with special expertise handling cases in the Gulf Coast region- including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Best of all, will never require the payment of funds borrowed if you lose your personal injury lawsuit case. Learn how you can receive personal injury lawsuit financing; visit