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Severe Brain Injury at Birth; Case Decided 14 Years Later

April 01, 2010 @ 02:47 PM — by Mark Johnson

It took 14 years to finally get this case settled, but when the dust finally cleared, a birth mother was vindicated by the court and won her birth trauma  lawsuit.

The victim in this Nevada medical malpractice case is was born in 1995 and delivered by emergency C-section. During the course of the surgery, the baby’s head was lacerated by the surgeon; the infant bled for an hour.  He was eventually transferred to another hospital specializing in Neonatal care.

The medical malpractice lawsuit stated that the baby was permanently brain damaged and disabled due to the negligence of the surgeon and the original hospital. Unfortunately, permanent brain damage injuries during child birth can have multiple causes and explanations. Catastrophic injuries like this affect the baby, the birth parents and the entire family. Families who have suffered injuries and damages due to medical negligence during child birth may be compensated for their losses.

The Monroe family may have found financial comfort in the availability of lawsuit funding during their long, legal ordeal.  Legal finance services help plaintiffs handle  regular bills and expenses as well as medical bills and other associated expenses.  It is expensive and time consuming to care for a brain damaged baby; expenses do not stop as he grows toward adulthood. Cases like this are not easy for anyone, andlitigation funding provides  somewhat of a safety net to help get litigants through the long wait for justice.

A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for; if you qualify, you can have the cash you need within 24-48 hours from the time we receive case records from your lawyer.  Make sure your lawyer knows that you have applied, because the lawyer's cooperation is essential to getting you the money you need, as quickly as humanly possible.

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