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California Wrong Way Driver Caused Head-On Collision: One Dead, Another Seriously Injured

April 20, 2010 @ 11:32 AM — by Mark Johnson

This accident took place in San Diego on Route 67. It was caused by a wrong way driver. Here is what happened. On the night of this fatal automobile accident, a white Astro van was heading south on Route 67 when a northbound Oldsmobile 98 that was traveling in the southbound lane (going the wrong way) crashed into the van head-on.

The van’s driver was a 36-year old woman who was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene by EMS crews. The Olds driver was 51-year old man; he suffered serious injuries and was transported by helicopter to a trauma center for major injuries.

The police report indicates the Olds veered over the double yellow-line a good quarter mile before smashing into the white van. Several other drivers had to get out of the way of the Olds before the fatal wreck. When the two vehicles collided the want jumped off the side of the road and wound up in a muddy embankment. The Olds did a 180 and spun out.

The police will be checking to see if the driver was drinking, speeding or under the influence of drugs. They will also want to know if he was driving while distracted by doing something else he should not have been. There aren’t too many really logical explanations as to why someone would head the wrong way up a highway after already going passed several other cars.

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