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Injured Construction Worker May Pursue Litigation & Lawsuit Funding

April 21, 2010 @ 12:46 PM — by Mark Johnson


This injured construction worker may have life-altering injuries due to a possible crushed pelvis.

This construction site accident took place in Florida, and the worker who was hurt was air lifted by EMS crews to the nearest hospital capable of handling traumatic injuries.

This accident happened in a freak manner, which is often the case at construction sites. The 29-year old employee was helping several other workers to lower a concrete wall into a ditch first thing in the morning. The wall evidently got hung up on some dirt, came loose from the moorings of the sling, and pinned the man against a concrete pillar in the ditch.


When EMS crews arrived, the worker was still alive but complaining of a great deal of pain in his lower abdomen and pelvis. Once the worker was extracted, emergency crews laid him on a backboard to haul him out of the ditch safely. Of interest in this case is that construction companies aren’t required to report accidents unless they are fatal or result in three or more workers being put into hospital. Must be hard to keep accurate construction accident statistics for the purposes of workers’ compensation.


There are some things here that will need to be looked into to determine if another worker was negligent and caused the concrete wall to drop. For instance, was the person operating the sling (using a crane) watching what he was doing? Did he not see signals from other workers with the wall that there may have been a problem with how it was placed? Was the sling defective in any manner and caused the wall to slip out of place?


This construction worker will have a long road ahead of him learning how to walk again and may not be able to hold down another construction job in the future. His whole life got turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Chances are he will want to talk to a personal injury attorney when he gets out of the hospital.


In this situation, the attorney will let him know what his rights are; when to file and how a case like this may proceed.  The worker will have the right to collect workers' compensation benefits.  He may also have a companion negligence case and an experienced attorney will give him an idea of whether additional lawsuits are possible for additional compensation for pain and suffering.  Experienced attorneys can assess those additional causes of action (over and above workers' compensation) and what  damages can be collected  under alternate personal injury theories.


While this man is asking about the likelihood of pursuing Florida workers' compensation, or filing a personal injury lawsuit under an alternate theory, he should also know that he has a lawsuit funding option available to help him with his finances while he waits for the litigation process to provide him some justice.  Litigation funding would provide him with money up front, almost immediately (24-48 hours), to handle his medical bills, mortgage, car payments and other household expenses. A lawsuit cash advance prevents accident victims from having to settle too early for too little because of pressing financial circumstances.  Accident victims canapply, with ease, by phone or on the web.

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