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Automobile Accidents: The Leading Cause of Death in America

April 23, 2010 @ 12:05 PM — by Mark Johnson


Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death in America, in fact, just slightly over 40,000 deaths every year are as a direct results of being involved in a fatal accident. On average, there are 115 deaths every day. Imagine the cost of those accidents on a yearly basis as being over 150 billion. That’s right, 150 billion. Unfortunately, just about everyone you know will be involved in at least one crash during their lives. While it may not be a fatal one, it may result in serious personal injuries.

If there are personal injuries involved in the accident, call the police immediately. In some jurisdictions the officers will instruct you to move your vehicle if it’s still running and to just file a report later. This may happen if there were no personal injuries involved. No matter what you are told, file an accident report because it determines liability/fault for the accident. Make sure the report is accurate and has all the details in it.

The report should have interviews with all the parties involved, including eyewitness accounts if possible. If you have a cell phone, use it to get pictures or you may be able to get a diagram or pictures from the police. Do what you can to make your accident insurance claim go smoother, but when it comes to personal injuries; do not sign off on any medical claim.

Personal injuries sustained in an automobile accident are usually sprain, strains, muscle tears, whiplash, head and neck injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and multiple fractures, along with internal organ damage. Some of these injuries don’t manifest until later, so their severity and longevity are not known. In the case of life-altering injuries, the victims may well be eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.  However, the road to justice in these cases is often a long one.  How does the disabled victim support himself during this long legal process?

 The answer, of course, is that ltigation funding will provide them the resources they need to wait out the process and receive appropriate justice and compensation.  Lawsuit funding can be secured with a quick telephone call or internet visit.  We offer free phone advice and, if you qualify, you will have the money you need in as little as 24-48 hours.  A lawsuit cash advance will keep you current on your mortgage, rent, car payment, tuition; we can take care of any important obligation.  Legal finance services can also be used for necessary medical or physical therapy expenses.

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