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Automobile Accidents: America's Leading Cause of Death

April 28, 2010 @ 02:09 PM — by Mark Johnson


Unfortunately, the leading cause of death in the US is automobile accidents. Not surprising really when you stop to think about just how many vehicles there are on the road today. There are close to six million crashes every year which means someone dies roughly every 12 minutes. That adds up to about 40,000 people who met their maker after being involved in a collision.

Most of the injuries in high speed (and yes, even lower speed) wrecks range in their severity. For those who are lucky enough to walk away from a crash, they may have scratches and some minor bruising. For those who had to be pried out of the car, they may have suffered catastrophic injuries such as amputation and paralysis. This is where a automobile accident attorney comes into the picture.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident that have turned your life upside down, you need the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer to recover compensation for your damages. When you speak to an attorney about filing a lawsuit, you may also want to do some online research into something referred to as litigation funding.

Lawsuit funding is designed to help people just like you hold the line until your fair settlement comes through, or you get a fair jury verdict from the court. With a lawsuit cash advance in your pocket, you may pay your immediate medical expenses and also be able to look to the future and know you are covered financially as well.

You don’t need to have a job to apply for lawsuit funding, and you are not put through a credit check.  And, if you lose your case, you don't have to pay the money back. This is an easy process.  You may call, for free, discuss your case, listen to how legal finance works, and decide if it is right for you.  It is not for everyone; an ethical and experience provider will help you understand precisely what asking for a lawsuit cash advance means.

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